Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)

Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)

HERE IT IS! The sequel to the best Tokusatsu movie the West has ever produced. The first movie was kickass, stupid and smashy robot fight fest! The sequel does not disappoint in that department. The story doesn’t seem clunky and forced. It flows naturally from the original and John Boyega is a much superior main man to Charlie Hunnam who does not reprise his role due to scheduling conflicts, so they replace him with some other white guy, played by Scott Eastwood who would give his old man a run for his money as rugged straight man. The chemistry between him and Boyega feels like they have been friends for decades and it is fun to watch them work together and to bicker.

A few characters reprise their roles in this movie but most of them aren’t really massively important. This genre tells stories but the main staple of it is the giant fighting robots and it has them in spades. I loved the new and improved Jaegers and the fights are bigger and more fun than the last movie. The story is only there to inform the fights and make you give somewhat of a shit about the robots.

Cailee Spaeny deserves a mention, she is plucky and fun the be around. She gels really well with Boyega and they seem to share a sibling chemistry that really makes the film. Their relationship enhances and elevates the dumb robot fighting. It was fun to be back in the Pacific Rim again.

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