Obi-Wan Kenobi Theory 

Obi-Wan Kenobi Theory 

The Last Jedi SPOILERS!!! Like so many don’t read on if you don’t want spoilers! 

So I have a theory based on someone who’s ghost is omitted from The Last Jedi. Obi-wan’s. I love the Yoda scene, I really liked to know that Luke’s masters stayed with him. Well Yoda did. Now I know that realistically they went with Yoda because his actor is still alive but the death of an actor has not stopped them before and they have someone who is much loved for the role to step in to be digitally altered.

And yet they left it with just as Yoda appearing to Luke to teach him a final lesson even implying that he taught him to become one with the force as a ghost. But Luke’s first master who had a student fall to the Dark Side, becoming one of the most terrifying evil in the galaxy, was absent from his final lesson.

Obi-Wan was present however, in The Force Awakens. Well his voice was, in Rey’s force vision. He was the only one to talk to her even though Anakin and Yoda are also Force ghosts yet only Obi-Wan came to her in voice. This implies they are connected somehow. It’s not a genetic connection as there is no way Obi-Wan would deviate from his Jedi celebecy, it would be out of character for him and he only had one love and she was killed during the clone wars. 

So if not genetic perhaps there is another connection. My theory is that Obi-Wan sacrificed his perpetual consciousness in order to imbue Rey with her current level of force sensitivity, while her skill is easily explained by the hard life of a scavenger, her force sensitivity is harder to pin-point. If Obi-Wan imbued her with his power that would bring a more complete end to the cycle of the three trilogies and it would explain why Obi-Wan spoke to her because she is his reincarnation. It would also explain in a canon way why he was absent from The Last Jedi.

Now I know what your thinking.

But hear me out, when you become a force ghost your physical form is converted to energy so your consciousness can be maintained. Now according to Wookiepedia a force ghost eventually passes on but what if,  now this is a stretch I’ll admit. But what if the Emperor, (who we know feared death and losing power and also taught Vader some of the Sith techniques to force ghost) went insane from being a dark side ghostand manipulated Anakin into giving his immense power to his grandson. The Sith techniques have such side effects. So they both direct their powers into Snoke and Ben respectively, in doing so creating two infinitely powerful evil beings, or Snoke was just naturally incredibly powerful and turned someone who also desired to live up to his ancestor’s legacy. Either way two incredibly powerful evil force users arise. The force has already balanced the power it possesses but with the turning of Ben Solo the scales is tipped. Knowing this Obi-Wan sacrifices his remaining time as a force ghost to imbue a new chosen one with incredible power and instinct. He finds a chosen one on a planet similar to the birthplace of the original chosen one but he sees something more. A need to belong, to be complete but also a firm sense of loyalty and compassion. He sees a person who the world has thread on but has never given in to temptation or greed. He chooses Rey and the Force moves to incorporate her into the conflict to equip her and prepare her to restore balance. 

I might be way wrong but for me head-canonwise I’d be happy if this was true but also wouldn’t mind being wrong. It was just fun playing with this idea. 

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