Wonder (2017)

Wonder (2017)

Here we have a film that tugged on every heartstring I have, I was tearing up for a fair amount of the movie. This was a result of the grounded and ordinary nature of the film. Chbotsky has a knack for making a film that is both personable and universal. The story of the film does the rounds of life by showing a year in the life of one family. It is a beautiful story touching on the complex nature of human relationships. It shows the impact life has on us and the effects our reactions have upon one another. Every character in the film is a person, with genuine and believable reasons for their actions. Even the scumbag in the movie, it makes sense why he’s a scumbag. 

To review this movie based on the prose alone would do it a disservice. The acting by Jacob Tremblay is simply stunning. His portrayal of Auggie is so raw and beautiful. It felt so real, when he cried I cried when he laughed I was laughing right there with him. Truly he is one of the most gifted actors I’ve ever had the please to watch.

His supporting cast is not one to be scoffed at either Julia Roberts as the nurturing mother both brilliant scholar was simply spot on and her relationship with her daughter played by Izabela Vidovic was beautiful. I feel all loving families have had the conflict these two experience through the course of the film. Vidovic plays such a cool person both strong and determined. Takes every knock she receives and carries on. It is a powerful performance. Owen Wilson perfected sad dad comedy back in Marley and Me but it shines through in this when he tries to lighten the mood or just enjoy time with his family. He was definitely my favourite character in this film, but that might be bias as I love most of his work. 

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