With this one I didn’t even bother getting a cool poster from google I just took the stupidest looking one, simply because that’s how much effort the makers of this film seemed to put in. I don’t even think this write up is gonna be that long, we just have an episode on it coming up. It has some of my absolute favourites in it, Nina Dobrev, Diego Luna, Ellen Page and Kiefer Sutherland. All people I went to this movie phoned it in, Ellen Page put a bit of effort in but with this sub-par movie she might as well not have bothered. There’s no charm to the main characters, no scares in the jump scares and the premise is just uninteresting, this might have been better as a Final Destination spin-off where all the characters died hilariously or ironically instead it’s a reboot of a very silly 90s movie, that I hadn’t even realised existed until someone invited me to go see it with them. It was a very low budget film and it definitely shows. Maybe give this a miss and watch Final Destination instead.

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