Reading mother!

Reading mother!

OH BOY. Did I hate this movie. Throughout the film I became angrier and angrier. I think the movie tapped into my primal rage. It tapped my own frustrations and that led to me despising it. With every person that invaded the house, each ‘guest’ being more and more disrespectful and hostile. You are introduced to Her as the architect of the home for Him and Her. Then He brings in the Man and his family and they constantly disrespect mother. Ignoring her requests, fair requests. Stay out of their private rooms, not get up on the sink that wasn’t braced. The more She was ignored the angrier I got and that anger led to my dismissal and raw hatred for the movie, but I think that is the movie’s purpose.

I got angry because of the existential dread I felt at the thought of strangers coming into my home and wrecking it and disrespecting me. I’d flip the fuck out. Lawrence’s character Her’s timid reprimands just pissed me off, while I understood how she felt I felt a stronger reaction was necessary. When Bardem’s Him ignores how she feels in favour of stroking his ego my frustration rose to brow groping and fist clenching. 

The particular moment I gave up giving a shit about the film was just as the sex scene was initiated. She was finally standing up to Him and letting him know how she feels and then they bang. Don’t get me wrong I can understand how irate passion can turn into erect passion, it’s a cliche staple of the rom-com and sitcom genre’s but here, it’s obviously a deflect. She seems so angry, then She’s like we don’t even fuck. Then they do just that. No apology, no real insight into His feelings. I was so done I motioned to the screen, then I groped my forehead sighing, for fuck sake. I dunno for me it just seemed passionate but more of a problem than a solution. Then She rolls over pregnant the next morning. I laughed out loud and just uttered the words “fuck off”. 

That’s what this movie should have been called. fuck off! Leave off the capitals by all means but definitely the phrase I was thinking through most of the film. 

I was watching ComicBookGirl19’s videos on this film as I digested this film she loved the film for how she related to the experiences and how it made her feel. How it made me feel is the reason I so hate it. It forces you to face yourself, your inner self. That’s the genius of it. I hate this movie because deep down I hate myself. Yes I know you don’t want to hear that but hear me out. I appreciated learning that about myself, that I reject the frustration and anger I feel but I enjoy feeling it. Here’s the kicker, in the weeks since I attended the premier and sat through that movie, I find myself glad I did. As I thought and talked about this movie, admittedly very negatively as our last two podcasts on it show, the longer it stayed in my thoughts the more about myself I learned and the more I appreciated about it.

At first I just hated this film but as time has passed I can’t help but recognise that this is how art works. It makes you feel and reflect. While it will never be my movie of choice I am definitely glad I experienced it and I am glad the studio took the risk. Now where’s Harold and Kumar DVD.

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