Beverly from IT (2017)

Beverly from IT (2017)

Sorry I’ve been sick this past while and couldn’t find the time or the will to write. I was watching IT again for the third time, yeah I know but I had to bring another person to see IT and well I wasn’t gonna protest much. I love watching this movie, I have fun watching it. It doesn’t really scare me but the ‘scares’ are enjoyable and I enjoy the jokes and fun.

Anyway I was talking to a friend of mine when I realised that Beverly cuts herself or at least displays some signs and experiences some severe trauma, (a trauma that is also alluded to but never explicitly stated.)

It made me want to explore it properly. The first time we meet Beverly she is alone in a stall looking rather melancholic, with a cigarette. Classic rebel look, and she is being picked on by the other girls. She’s miserable to put it bluntly. She get’s bombarded with trash. Yeah, great time in school.

Then she gets into some shenanigans with the Losers, finally connecting and being included. Unfortunately we then get to experience her home life with her. What a horrid experience. Her dad get’s uncomfortably intimate. Smelling her hair and asking creepy and unsettling questions. We are then treated to an intense and wonderfully acted scene where Bev cuts and tears her hair off in to a style that is described as boyish. Bev says ‘look what you did’, throughout the scene referencing that she is destroying her younger self. She is tearing herself asunder and then the sink explodes in a wave of blood. Now you can read it as a fear of her period and the changes her body is going through, and in part I think it is the fear that IT was praying on but, it also could reference the blood that would flow if you cut too deeply when self-harming. She tried to hide what she cut off but her appearance was changed.

There are scenes where you see parts of the body you would notice self-harm cuts but this movie is using metaphor rather than explicit marks to make the allusion to Bev’s self-harm. The last allusion to self-harm was the very end scene with everyone. The Blood Pact Scene. Each of the kids reacts to being cut except Bev, when Bill cuts her hand she barely flinches. Because she has experienced worse trauma in her home both inflicted by her father and self inflicted. This was the moment that I realised that Bev self-harmed but upon reflection on the movie it all kind of slotted into place.

Now it is important to credit Sophia Lillis’s performance in this movie. She is charming in the scenes with the Losers when she is allowed to be herself, but when she interacts with the bully she turns on her defences and is fearsome. Then you have her regress back to a little girl when her father is looming over her. Her performance is impressive and for her age she is brimming with potential, if this is what she’s like now I cannot wait to see what she does in the future, I’d like to see her play her adult counterpart but I’ll settle for whatever she does next, perhaps a Stranger Things role? What? Who said that?


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