Do the Rules Apply?

Do the Rules Apply?

This is a little gem of a film. Lily Collins’ Marla is lovable, quirky and chatty. She’s organic and brilliant. And Warren Beatty is fantastic he is truly a legend of cinema he breathes new life into Howard Hughes making the ego-maniacal billionaire both personable and terrifying in scenes where you don’t know what he is thinking. Alden Ehrenreich’s Frank is an aspirational young man, looking to move up in the world with the help of the most influential man in America. Howard Hughes being a main character would lead you to believe that this film is factual but the film from the outset wants you to know they fudge the details a fair bit to tell a grand story reminiscent of old fashioned Hollywood complete with the car ride conversations.
A magical trip to the Hollywood of old with phenomenal performances from Lily Collins and Warren Beatty. One for the cinephiles.
-Stobie’s take on Rules Don’t Apply

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